Tuesday, 24 January 2017

oh no!!! yabai, ne!!!

yabai! yabai! yabai!!!! ano sa... actually Hana ada satu blog Jepun, since Hana is a TOBIKKOs, a fan for Hey Say JUMP, and I just create that blog because I want to share shiawase with other TOBIKKOs around the world!!!

But, then!!! unexpectedly, 'that blog' is currently having problem, and it's happening on their 10th anniversary!!! oh no!!! there are a lot of things I share and post, and mostly it is regarding my opinion and feelings towards theirs singles/albums, events, shows, issues and many more... to re-called back all those feeling, zettai muri desu!!!

they grown up!!!

in their old days...
it is not like i'm already forgot about it, just that it would not be the same anymore... the moment I got to know Hey Say Jump on the first time, their facts and those information that I got from other TOBIKKOs, it is really awesome, you know!!!


Yeah, other people may thinks I am going to overboard or crazy, being a fan towards a group of young men, which absolutely know nothing about me... but then, I am sorry to say that, it is just the same thing that I feel when I see ladies being obsessed with all those cosmetics, clothes, accessories and etc... sometimes when I heard those negative comments, I feel like, 'why don't you just accept the way I am, just like the way I accept who you are???'... and on that moment I just could say to myself that, "THIS IS REALITY!!!"... so, I shut my mouth and ignore all those around me! oh no! i'm being introvert!

be yourself!!!
live like you want....
but! most important...,
there is always a LIMIT,
and don't go beyond that LINE...

well, I don't expect they would know about me, as it is alright for me to got them acknowledge about 'us' as their fans... furthermore, it is their songs, their combination, the way they sing and dance, are what I like. (especially their songs! hehehehehehe....) so, i wold trace back all their singles and album lyrics.... the others, i think it will be a new start for me! ^^ daijoubu desu!!!

one more thing! yup, Hana does WINDOW SHOPPING, but I not a type who loves SHOPPING!!!  I just buy what I need ^^ so, my future husband, don't worry, I'm not going to spent all the money on those unnecessary items!!! Hahahhaha... or maybe a I'm a stingy person! Oh no!!!


yabai!! : an expression you are in hurry and panic!
ano sa: an expression to say, "sebenarnya macam ni....."
shiawase : happiness
zettai muri desu : it is absolutely impossible, mustahil!!
daijoubu desu : i'm ok

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