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throwback: for GooseHouse's fans only!!!

daisuki!!! (fangirl mode ON)

before this, in my first blog (which had been deleted) I once had write about GooseHouse, and as I remembered, I had explained in details with my limited sources... up until I had been approached by one of the GooseHouse admin (maybe one of their fans' group), asked me either I want to be one of their admin.

Surely, it be my pleasure and I know, it needs me to give 100% commitments as during that time, there are not much bloggers, news or anything regarding GooseHouse, despite they had many fans around the world. And I admit, I spent much time to find news about GooseHouse and absolutely many of the sources are in Japanese language. Looks like there is language barrier!

However, I could not accept the offer as during that time, I am in my final year for my degree studies and I am rarely online as I am really busy with my studies! Hurmmm, and what I becomes more upset, my blog (the first one) had problem, which lead me to delete it!

So, right now, I want to track back all those information... I tried my best to come with good information and absolutely, as time flies really fast, GooseHouse have grown up!!! ^^


ok, back to the beginning! Formerly recognized with the name: PlayYou.House, is a Japanese band produced through a Sony Walkman's project, to make a house of talented youngster thats make their own musics and streamed it lives once every week. The original members consists of 7 members which lead by d-ize, followed by Hana Sekitori, Rioka Kanda, Saito Johnny, Kei Takebuchi, Kudo Shuhei and Kimura Masahide. This is the first batch (19 June 2010 - 21 August 2010). With a tagline, 'Ongaku wo Aisu nakama-tachi no Share house' means 'Share the loves of music with friends'. These group of singer-songwriters, mainly focus on the use of internet and the concept of USTREAM LIVE once a week. (using hashtag: #PYHouse) At the end of the first batch, Hana Sekitori had left the group, the group become 6 members.

original 7 members (before Hana left the group)
Then, the second batch (10 October 2010 - 26 March 2011) starts with additional two members, Takezawa Migiwa and Chihiro Nakamura. Focused on the concept of USTREAM LIVE once 2 weeks. They are having their first live stage in 18 December 2010, and received a positive feedback, as they managed to sell their own official goods, plus with debut CD, titled Sing

2nd batch

In 2011, they change their name into Goose House, because a noise sound that come from them, that sounded like goose ^^ hahahaha... . In 7 May 2011, they go live streaming as Goose house. After that, Manami joined the group on 1 October 2011, followed by Sayaka, two weeks later. However, Chihiro Nakamura had left from the group on 27 November 2010 followed by Kimura Masahide, graduated from the group on 10 December 2011. It being said, no proper announcement from both members, just that, an announcement from Saito Johnny regarding Chihiro's left and Kimura-san had wrote in K.K's blog regarding his graduation.

Then, in 27 May 2012, Saito Johnny makes decision to graduate with proper announcement, to pursue his career as solo. To replace him, Watanabe Shuuhei entered Goose house on 23 June 2012. After that, Rioka Kanda graduated from the group on 9 March 2013, left the group members with 7 members. To replace her, Saito Johnny rejoined the group back on 2 April 2013. And last one, on 25 January 2014, d-ize graduated from the group, make the members left are 7 members. These current 7 members use hashtag: #Goose7.

current 7 members ^^
pretty confuse right ^^ and to be more clear, visit this site: members' enrollment

originally they play live stream music on and up until now, they are playing various kind of music, doing for covers and their owns songs. ah! Before I forget, all (except one person) of the members actually having their own music background and have their own group. However, some of the groups are inactive and some of them are still active.

message from GooseHouse:

We are Goose house, a gathering of singer-songwriters...
We created this group for the purpose of enjoying music, be it major label or indie...
We give acoustic performances of both cover songs and originals...
We do a USTREAM LIVE once a month and also upload videos to YOU TUBE...

Now, let's meet with the members! Come on!! ^^


1) Kudo Shuhei

29 years old (4 April 1988), a former member from the original group. The moodmaker (happy-funny person: you can see his reaction during the live stream ^^) and the leader of the group (after d-ize graduated). Known as Kudo-kun and Kudo-san, he does vocal, does beat-boxing and plays guitar, harmonica, piano, and also other instruments*. He is also a member of duo K.K (Kudo & Kimura).

2) Takebuchi Kei

26 years old (11 July 1991), also one of the former member of original group. Fluent in English as experienced live in California during her childhood. Known as Kei-chan and has really a good voice (fans referred her as the group's diva! ^^ ) Do mostly the vocals and she also plays piano, and other instruments*. She was previously a member of Tetra+ (jazz music) and Jabber Jack, which both of the group are inactive.

3) Takezawa Migiwa

26 years old (19 June 1991), known as Migi-chan or Migiwa. Well, at first, I though she is a little bit annoying and arrogant, despite she always smile and looks calm - watch this, the cover for Back Number: Takane no hanako - the first video that introduced me to the group. However, later I got to know she is actually the most quiet person in the group and I shocked as she is not as bad as I thought! She is actually really good and beside do the vocals, she could plays drum, piano, acoustic guitar, cajon and other instruments*! It is awesome! (especially drum!) and the other members referred her as the cat in the house. Seeing her in other recording, she is actually kind and yup, I made mistake! my first impression is totally wrong! gomen ne Migi-chan! She was also the solo singer of Strobe-record label. She had released a solo album, titled 'Ten to ten no Aida'.

4) Manami Kobayashi

33 years old (13 November 1984 - really?!!) the eldest in the group and the chibi (shortest in the group)... hehehe... ^^  known as Manami or Manamikan, has a boyish attitude, a happy-go-lucky person and claimed that she is the most being bullied by others... hahaha... She does vocal and also plays guitar, piano and other instruments*. She also belonged to a duo ANNY PUMP, but the duo had been disbanded.

5) Sayaka Sekiguchi

Sayaka nee-san
31 years old (12 May 1986), with her lady-like attitude, she is the onee-chan (older sister) ^^ have very long hair, makes it as her unique and known as sayaka nee-san or saya-nee. She does vocal and plays piano and other instruments*. You can see she is the gentle person and always smiles. oh! forget to mention that she did not have any music career before, awesome!!! just that, she really loves skiing ^^

6) Watanabe Shuhei

Wasshu, man with hat ^^
29 years old (1 November 1988), and my first impression... really, he can sings and how he is in the group???? and like always, my first impression really makes me like a fool! despite he really has a beautiful-gentle-good voice, especially high notes, watch this, cover for Back Number: Takane no hanako, as I mentioned above, this is the first video of them that I watched, he does the high notes. Known as Wasshu, man with the hat! hehehhe... he does vocal and plays guitar, bass, ukulele, drums and other instruments*. Maybe I can refer him as the kouhai (junior as he the last one entered the group). As for his music career before entering Goose house, he was a part of Monochr Color.

7) Saito Johnny (Saito Hiroyuki)

30 years old (27 October 1987), and he is one of the former member. However, he graduated from Goose house in 2012, as he get into a proper record label contract (to pursue his indie solo music career), appeared in TV and had released 2 albums ('I am Johnny' and 'Saito Johnny'), before joined the group again in 2013, as the new member. Well, my impression on him, he is better with this group as he looks happy, rather than being solo as I know, there is no more news regarding he does solo. Beside doing vocal, he also plays guitar, mandolin, cello, banjo, violin, bass and other instruments*.


1) d-ize (dream-realize)

d-ize (no information regarding his real name)
33 years old (4 November 1984), the oldest in the group. He is actually the leader of the former group, and he graduated from the group on 25 January 2014. You all can still hear his voices in previous recording and yup, he really looks like the onii-chan (big brother) ^^

2) Kimura Masahide

29 years old (14 June 1988), he is the former member of the original and actually one of the duo of K.K (Kudo & Kimura). He chooses to focus on K.K and graduated from Goose house on 1 October 2011. He also like Kudo-kun, a funny person.

3) Rioka Kanda

25 years old (26 March 1992), she is the former member and the youngest in the group. Reason to graduate from Goose house, as she want to pursue and focus more on solo career.

4) Hana Sekitori

Not much information regarding her involvement in Goose house, but she is also the former member, before left the project and her final appearance is on 21 August 2010.

5) Chihiro Nakamura

Also not much information regarding her, and was briefly explained that her final appearance was on 27 November 2010, in order to take rest from the busy of band's activity.

additional information

As I'm trying to find all the information, I just realize I had learned to know the name of the instruments that all the members played. Well, looks like all of them knows how to play instruments ^^ Before this, I'm only know (the names only, not play them) guitar, bass, drum, violin, piano, and few instrument which some of them, I did not know their real name. And notice that, I had put 'other instrument' together with the symbol... which actually I'm refer to Percussion Instruments, what are they??



timbales (really... hurmmm, I noticed that there are two cowbells)

cajon, usually Migiwa will play it ^^
(hurmmm, is it also a percussion?? maybe not... but still I'll attached together as Wasshu had plays with it) ^^

ok, that's it! I managed to find some of them from Google-san, as you all can watched they play with percussion along the main instrument. ah! even Kei-chan once had play with three instruments (percussions) include with wisel, when they do cover for Sekai no owari: RPG ^^

Latest from Goose house 2017

They released 15th album: Goose house Heptagon

So, I think I'll stop here... Thanks for all my-reliable-good sources. Credit to all of them.. fuh! complete! ^^
want to connect with them??

update (22/06/2017): Migiwa left GooseHouse

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