Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Gary got married

I think many of you had acknowledge about this..., or maybe not. >_< So, I'll just update the news, obviously, for my blog... It is the announcement made by Gary (ex-member of Running Man) through his Instagram,'s Account, @kang_gary8888. Ahh! I still can't believe it! What if it just a trick by Gary??? Maybe 'she' is really Ji Hyo??? Or maybe a late April fool's prank??? Ah! Nonsense! Back to future, Hana!

"Today I got married to the person I love. We did not hold a wedding ceremony but rather decided to cherish this moment with just the two of us together. My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant. I know this might seem like sudden news and some may be shocked at the news, but I hope everyone can look towards the future and cheer us on. Please wish us happiness and joy. I will live on happy for eternity" -

At first, I'm surprised as many questions pop-up in my head! What would happened to 'Monday Couple'??? Who's his future wife??? How's Ji Hyo's reaction???? Before this, there are few videos that I found in, regarding Gary will end his single life (I tried to find the link but then, I could not. All videos under 'Gary' are mostly about Gary's wedding announcement!). So, this makes me shocked, as those what had been spread in youtube, is true.... Hurmmmm..., maybe this is one of the reasons why he choose to quit from Running Man... Well, I really don't know what to say and what to react!.... I think I'm supposed to congrats him for his wedding! Just like he said, '...look towards the future and cheer us on.' ^^ That's all...

Moreover, 'Monday Couple' is only exist in Running Man, is it?!!! So, after this, it will be left as memories... ^^ And look like Running Man's members really closed as a family, they do have strong bond, as they understand to each other.... How do I know??? Well, you should watch all those Running Man's episode and then, you would agree with me! ^^

So, I'll end my post with....

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