Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Reaction for Running Man's new members

I'm feel happy after watching Running Man Episode 346 and looks like it is good to have another 2 new permanent members. What I can say is, both of them are funny! I don't expect this, especially Se Chan. And more, both of them are now maknae! However, still no one can replace Kwang Soo's place. I mean, he is polite and behave well towards the others. 
Yang Se Chan, one year younger than Lee Kwang Soo, from my point of view, he is spontaneous. He knows what he need to do and he actually care about other feeling, and also the consequences from his action. Just like in Running Man Episode 346, it is his first day on Running Man, and he cares the members' feeling. Even though sometimes, I think he is acts ridiculous or too much, but then, he is funny! 😆 LOL!

For, Jeon So Min, she is really innocent and yup, she got different characters from our Ji Hyo. She is not like certain women/ladies guests who cares about her appearances as she just be herself (she is just like Ji Hyo).  She express her feelings and thought recklessly and she is honest (I know it is subjective but this is what I feel). This time, she is Running Man maknae. Hurmmm, I wonder if she would acts like Kwang Soo, but usually Korean people do care about their senior, right? 😍

For Running Man Episode 346, I had seen that their relationship (with the new members) still in the beginning process. They tried to go easy and suit with each others. Ji Hyo still did not shows her true characters and both of the new members also did not have much interact with her. They still respect her as she is older than them, as in this episode both of new members did not choose her to get water punishment. 😄 But, it is different with Lee Kwang Soo, as they really tease him a lot. Ok, I like them! For Suk Jin, Jae Suk, Jong Kok, and Haha, the four elders also did not shows their true characters yet as the games also are in the beginning phase. No strength and intelligent needed as they just need to know each other better. (We got to know that Se Chan's nickname is Strawberry and So Min had been dumped 2 times). 😂 It is 9012! (Oh! Gary is still in the list!)

As I'm not Korean dramas/movie fans, so I don't know them well. It all based on what I watch in Running Man Episode 346 and I'm looking forwards for the next episode! Hehehhe....

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