Monday, 3 April 2017

Running Man add 2 new permanent members

Look like Running Man's Production Team add 2 new permanent members. And they are,Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min. Both of them had appeared in Running Man before and get a good response from the viewers. especially Jeon So Min based on my personal opinion. Refer to the previous episode, which is Running Man Episode 343, she betrays Lee Kwang Soo ^^ Look like there is another betrayer!!! Welcome to the club...

Of course, at first I thought, 'No way! It should be ONLY one female member, Song Ji Hyo'. But then, I change my mind, why not I give the production team a chance, maybe their chemistry would be stronger and the show would be more fun!

Regarding Yang Se Chan, he had appeared in Running Man Episode 321. He teamed up with Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin, and they win!!! Hehehehe, sorry, it's a spoiler! So, fighting! and ganbatte! for the 2 new permanent members! ^^

Yang Se Chan
Jeon So Min
p/s: I hear that another rumuor, Ji Hyo would leave RM next month? again? Well, I hope it's another false alarm!


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