Monday, 22 May 2017

HSJ 10th Anniversary (Myojo July 2017): Yabu Kota 10,000 character interview translation

I'm very glad to know about this translation. thanks to my sister, coz she's the one that told me about this translation... this year is the 10th Anniversay for Hey Say Jump! Of course, there's a lot of changes and each one of them had grown up, to be a better person! my wishes: hopes that they will success in future as a group and also individual... produce more catchy and inspiring songs, more unique dancing's choreograph and  tighten their bond, become a good example for the juniors ^^ to tell you all the truth, I once had wish that they would become like their senpai, Arashi! ^^

OK! So now, the first one, is Yabu Kota's part. He is the eldest, and kindly, I am giving you the link. Credit to the owner, and a big thanks coz sharing the translation! ^^ share is caring! spread JUMP's love!

Ok, that's all. until for the next update, with the next member! hurmmmm, I'm wondering are they going to follow the order of their ages? I'm looking forward!

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