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Hey Say JUMP - recent activities

What I’d missed?!
Oh no! There are a lot of things happen, right?!
Don’t expect me to cover all the stories, gomen na!
However, I would highlight some main points!!! Hahahaha…

New single! Precious Girl and Are You There! The first look for the PV already out, and click here! So what do you say? Hahahaha… Honestly, their dance routine for this time is a little bit something, ne! Ohno! I’m biased! I supposed to wait for a complete version, right! Hahahaha.. However, I like the red-white-theme dress code! And with their black shoes, somehow, I expect it would be better than AinoArika! Obviously, they are in synchronizing when come to dance! So, I’m looking forward for the short and long version!

A.Y.T unit! Arioka, Yaotome and Takaki! Are You There! For this subgroup, not just the PV but also for the drama Koshoku Robot (trailer)! Regarding the new drama, it is actually about three small-android-robots with different characters, appeared in adult’s life to help their owner’s eating habits! Sound interesting, right! I could not imagine Takaki in this type of drama! Hahahaa, and by the way, he never failed to make me laughs. So, for the drama’s theme song, three of them would become a subunit and that is A.Y.T!

Hey Say JUMP Concert Tour! There are schedules, free to look at those schedules. Hurmmm, I wonder if I could be at there, only once! I hope I would have that chance! Hehehehehe… Well, look like the tour starts in August 2017. So, boys and girls, those who manage to grab the chances, attends the concert, make sure you had enough money to spend on that day! There would be a lot of goodies which I’m sure you don’t want to miss it!

Arioka-san! You would appear in Code Blue 3! Awesome! I had follow Code Blue Season 1 and Season 2. I never expected one of the Hey Say Jump members would appear in that drama as well! All the original main actors will be the same! I like! Ah! Look like Arioka would appear together with his senpai, Yamashita Tomohisa (main role in Season 1 and 2) and again, he will meet with Asari Yousuke, as before this they are together in Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo. Beside him, there are another 4 actor would be in the Code Blue Season 3 (click here: casts announcement), I’m looking forward for the drama! It would aired starting July at 9 pm (Japan’s Time) through Fuji TV. By the way, Arioka’s character would be as a son of Hospital Director, Souma Natori. It being stated that actually he did not have interest to be flight doctor, but he had all the skills and knowledge that makes him to be an excellent doctor. Wah! This time, it is rare to see him in that character, ne! (more about this drama, here)

Arioka-san also would appear in a film together with his senpai, Takizawa Hideaki. The film titled is Kodomotsukai. I had watched the trailer! (Click here for the teaser) I think I would watch it during the day, in my room! Not during the night! Hahahaha… My comment, I don’t know how to response as Arioka-san never be in this kind of film. Hurmmm, look like he is trying something new for this year! Good! By the way, this film already aired! So, how is it?

creepy, right?
Kota-san would be appeared in a drama! Wahhh! It’s long time to see him in a drama! Ganbatte! This time, he would appear together with Nishikido Ryo from Kanjani8! This drama titled is Uchi No Otto Wa Shigotto Ga Dekinai… Yabu would act as a worker in an event company, co-worker of Ryo who tends to slack off…  Together with them is Matsuoka Mayu, the heroin! This drama would start in July, every Saturday at 10 pm (Japan Time) through NTV Channel. I had imagine he would be a responsible worker while Ryo is the one that usually slack off… Hurmmmm, but this type of setting usually familiar in detective’s genre, so, I’m looking forward for this drama too!

together with other casts. and there is Sato Ryuta!
Ah! I don’t think I can write properly after this, and it had been too long than I had expected. But still, there are many things to write! Huhuhuu… look like I would summarize it! Hope that I managed to cover some more their recent activities!

For Yuri-san, he is in a film, titled “Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai” along with his kouhai, SexyZone Nakajima Kento. This film would be aired in 23 December 2017, which actually based on manga. This story is about Tsurugi Nao (Kento) married with Ariyama Karin (Nao's kouhai during high school) at the young age. Chinen would be play as Karin’s childhood friend, Ebina Isuzu. Somehow I think there is a conflict between them, right? Hehehhehe… Ah! He also would appear in Sakamichi no Appolon which will be aired in 2018, next year!

Ah! Yamada-san! Gomen ne! I could not cover your part! Huhuhuhu… but I think of course all the fans already know about this. He is in Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action! Hurmmm, I don’t know but somehow I don’t like anime, gomen ne! But, just want to share that the director and Yamada-san would be in meet and greet event in Anime Expo 2017, 3 July 2017 in Los Angeles Convention Centre and another one in Paris Nord Vilepinte Exhibition Hall, Paris in 7 July 2017. This time, Tsubasa Honda would join them.

Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action! Again, there is Sato Ryuta! Hahahaha...

Before I end this post, just want to highlight, somehow I amazed with Okamoto-san skills during Itadaki High Jump 14062017 (here)! For this week episode, somehow he looks he could not make it but at the end, he manages to get it right! Well, it did not end yet, still have another 5 person, but in first round, Keito win! Looking back at previous episode, again, he win in first round but then, on second round, he did not manage to get it right. So, for this time, I would expect something from him. Ganbatte, Keito!

p/s: I like to watch Sato Ryuta's movie/drama, that's all! Hahahaha....

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