Sunday, 18 June 2017

NTV The Music Day


NTV The Music Day - Summer Wishes Come True (trailer) is around the corner! It is on 1 July 2017!!! Good! The featured artists!!! Oh no!!! There are 11 groups from Johnny's Entertainment!!! ABCZ, ARASHI, Hey Say JUMP, Johnnys WEST, Kame To Yamapi, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids, KisMyFt2, NEWS, SexyZone, and TOKIO! Awesome!!! And special performance of Dean Fujioka beamed LIVE from Singapore!!! Other artists that Hana familiar with are: AKB48, Kana Nishino, Perfume, Sekai No Owari (total up all other artists: 31 groups- include few solo artists)

more info and credit to: gemtvasia

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