Sunday, 18 June 2017

Throwback: Migiwa leave GooseHouse

GooseHouse is a Japanese band, consist of 7 members. However, early in 2017, Migiwa Takezawa had announced that she’s leaving the group (Jpopasia), after done their tour (February 12)… Hurmmm, no wonder I rarely see all 7-members in a picture throughout the year. As once I am checking their Instagram, I’m rarely seeing her. Only last week, I had figure out the fact. Honestly, I am a little bit shocked since she is actually really good! Her voice, her skills when playing all those instruments….

Well, I wished her good luck! Looking for the reason, she actually wants to pursue her solo career. So, since she still young, let her fly high! Optimized the chance, grab as much as experiences you could, dear! Hehehehe…. Later, I bet you won’t regret it! Furthermore, she already has 2 mini albums, right!

Looking at some of the fans’ comment (negative comments only), somehow I’m bit disappointed. Yes, we are her fans, but don’t expect too much. She has the right what she wants to do, and this is her choice. No right, no wrong! Support her, give her chance to develop her skills and fly high! That’s all ^^

Good luck Migiwa-chan! Click HERE, to know who is her ^^

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