Wednesday, 26 July 2017

10th Anniversary BEST Album


New album released!!! yokatta!! happy-desu! and surely it would be happier for those who had buy the original album!!! of course, right! look like it is not my turn yet to have those copies as mine. but, just cool. next time, it's gonna be my turn! Ahakss! so, for today, i just got few pictures from Facebook, shared by Tobbikos around the world. those are not mine, credit to owners... ^^

2007 - 2017

It is 10th year, Hey Say JUMP be in the industry. slowly, they steps forwards, together they build their own names, spread their aura up until now, they managed to be who they are now. I believe, they had become stronger than before, experiences makes them more matured! ganbatte!

p/s: even I don't get mine, I believe that, we are Tobikkos, we help each others, right?! Hehehehe...

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